About Us

Every company, no matter big or small, has a story. Here's ours.


We started with humble beginnings back in 2018. It was just two of us building custom webstores in the evenings and weekends. We didn't have an office then. We worked from Starbucks, drinking tons of coffee and turning into 'zombies' the next day.

Today, we are a team of 6 and growing. Most of us work from home. We rely upon apps and collaborative tools to deliver the best webstores for our clients.

In terms of experience, most of us have between 8-16 years experience in Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Dropshipping, Social Media Advertising and Project Management. More importantly, we own online shops ourselves, which means, when we advise you on your project, we're sharing with you 'real-world' experience and not bookish knowledge. Since 2018, we've built hundreds of webstores.


The Team

Margaret is the Co-founder and Lead Marketer. She graduated from NUS, Singapore with a Masters Degree in Finance and Marketing. She owns several profitable online shops and is now actively assisting entrepreneurs do the same.


Amarjit S. is a Certified eCommerce Consultant. He is also the Co-founder and Lead Project Manager. He has more than 10-years experience working in an eCommerce environment. He's helped hundreds of retail store owners get online.


Raj holds the position of Assistant Project Manager. He works alongside the Lead PM. His job is to ensure each and every project  is managed professionally and is delivered on-time. When he is not working, he is climbing hills.


Sunita handles all Finance & HR related matters. The one with the loudest voice in the office. We try to be nice because if not for her, we'll probably be eating stones at the end of each month. Mother of 3-kids with lots of passion for eCommerce.


Borokovich is based in Russia. He manages all our clients web development needs. He's a full stack developer specializing in eCommerce web and applications development for the last 12-years. He loves code more than his mother, we think.


Maria is our Client Relations and Communications manager. From the Phillipines, she takes care of all our clients support and minor technical issues. She owns 3 online shops of her own and is well versed with WordPress and programming.


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