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Take your webstore to a whole new level with these powerful add-ons. Free installation.

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Facebook Business Tool

Auto insert and update products from your webstore into your Facebook and Instagram online shops. You can even manage your Facebook & Instagram Ads using this tool. Pay once. Free setup and installation.

$39     5/5 (54 reviews)
One-time payment


Sales Notify Pop-Up

Social proof is key to increasing sales. Let your visitors see who is buying your products. Give them a sense of confidence and trust that they can buy from you without any worry or hassle. Free setup and installation.

$29     4.9/5 (45 reviews)
One-time payment


Social Rabbit Plugin

Enjoy smart human-like posts for your content and hassle-free promotions on your social accounts, 24/7. Fully automate your webstores social media accounts postings. Free setup and installation.

$148     4.8/5 (59 reviews)
One-time payment



Mailing List Generator

Relationship building is key to a successful store. Use this add-on and start collecting your visitors and customers email addresses. End of the month, you can check the stats to see your list performance, your openrate, click through rates, etc. Free setup and installation.

$19     4.9/ 5 (19 reviews)
One-time payment



Facebook Advertising AddonFacebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a MUST if you want to expand your reach and sell your products to a target group on social media. It costs way lesser compared to any other conventional advertising channel. We can craft the perfect Facebook Ad for your business.

$150  $80
One-time payment



Google Advert Add on 300 PixelsGoogle Advertising

Advertise on Google today! Promote your products/ services to a wider local or global audience. Our in-house Google Ads expert will research and design the ‘perfect’ paid advertising for your business. We can craft the perfect Google Ad for your business.

$150  $80
One-time payment.


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