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Shapewear Dropship Business Makes Money

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It is no surprise that women these days have become more and more conscious about how they want to look and appear. Last few years several players have entered into the shapewear market not just to take advantage of the growing demand but also to revamp shapewear or the bodycon image.

Companies like Spanx have always been in the forefront of this industry but they were not making their outfits comfortable or affordable enough for the average girl on the street. Then came companies like Heist and Shapermint with completely different views and goals – to make ladies feel good and comfortable.

Shapewear Industry Google Trends Overview

According to an industry news release, the shapewear market is on the rise and is bound to reach $6.4 Billion by 2024. This is huge.

At the same time, from our observation, there are not many dropship stores catering to this niche market right now. Which is why I believe it is the perfect time for one to get their hands into this industry and start their very own shapewear dropship eCommerce business.

If you’re not familiar with what dropshipping is, check out our article titled dropshipping explained in layman’s term.

Steps to get started with shapewear dropshipping

Getting your shapewear dropship business kick started is not all that difficult. There are two ways really.
  1. On your own.
    Learn the ropes of dropshipping on your own and do all the back-end setup work as well as the front-end promotions; OR
  2. We help you.
    Let us help you with all the steps – back-end and front-end.

I’ll explain both ways on how you can get started. One is an easy way and the other is a harder way.

On your own, you will need to be familiar with the eCommerce and dropshipping business model. You’ll need to be a bit tech savvy on how to purchase domain and hosting and know the ins & outs of WordPress and WooCommerce plugin and how to configure it correctly. Yes! It’s doable but it will take a lot of time  and trial and error on ones part to go on their own.

Listed below is a quick glance  of what you will need to get your dropship business started on your own. (I’ve striked out the points where you already have a headstart)

  • Idea or niche – Shapewear / bodycon
  • List of active, reliable and trustworthy suppliers who can offer Free shipping.
  • Related categories of products your store will be dealing with.
  • Ecommerce store to be developed (must be SEO and mobile-friendly).
  • Domain name and ecommerce hosting.
  • Signup and configure payment gateways and PayPal in webstore.
  • Come up with a promotion and marketing strategy.
  • Carry out advertising and ads in Google and other social media platforms.
  • Entertain inquiries online and fulfill orders.

That surely is a long list of to-dos and if you’re doing this on your own, I wish you all the best. Not that I’m trying to be cheeky or anything. Its just that, for a newbie, it will take long time to learn all the ropes that make a successful dropship store.

How about we do it for you? That is what I would highly recommend especially if you’re new and if you’re not familiar with dropshipping world. You will not only save time but also the agony of learning everything from scratch. “Time is money ha!” Ecommerce moves very rapidly and consumers interest on certain products can lessen over time. It’s no wonder why many fail in this business because as soon as they think they’ve grasped the technical aspects of running a dropship store, its too late. Consumers have moved on to other products.

In conclusion

If you want to a sure-fire way to succeed in your shapewear dropship business, may I suggest you to take a look at Amethyst – our entry level webstore package at just $349 one-time. Upon signing up for this package, we will do everything as mentioned above and hand you your very own shapewear store within 15-18 days. We even give you a guarantee that you will get your 1st sale within 30-days upon launching. No one dares to guarantee. We do!

Interested? Chat with us or leave us a message. We’re here to assist you.

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