I Will Hand-hold & Show You EXACTLY How To Build A Profitable eCommerce Business From Home Even If You Do Not Have Any Experience Or Products.

For the next 3-minutes, I need you to put everything aside & read the contents of this page with full focus. I believe it WILL change your life.

Hi! My name is Amarjit and I’m a Malaysian (born in JB, bred in KL). I’m also the Co-founder of eComYoda. I’ve been involved in eCommerce and dropshipping since 2017.

I’m a college drop out, which means I do not have a degree. But, in less than 4-years, I have built a very PROFITABLE eCommerce dropship business, dealing with various products and niches. To date, I’ve trained 100s of small business owners. But I’m NOT a “Guru” of any sort and I surely do not drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini.Amarjit Holding Sofia Photo eCommerce Dropship Coaching

I’m just an ordinary guy, like you who is passionate of running a home-based ecommerce business. My personal goal is to reach out and share my dropship formula with 250 entrepreneurs in 2021.

What The ‘Gurus’ Don’t Want You To Know

You’ve probably seen many Facebook, Google Ads or YouTube videos from unknown people standing beside a Ferrari or Lamborghini or recording from a huge house with a swimming pool – claiming they make millions of dollars from eCommerce and dropshipping. Please take it with a pinch of salt. Personally, I’m very skeptical.

I’m not saying they are lying. All I’m saying is, there are very few people in this world who are actually making millions of dollars from eCommerce and dropshipping.

AND they are not sharing their secrets with anyone! On top of it, these “gurus” make it sound as if dropshipping is very easy. The truth is, dropshipping is not that difficult to do BUT it takes work and the results may not come immediately. I guess this is true for any business, not just dropshipping.

More importantly IF you can find someone who is into dropshipping himself/ herself to show you precisely what to do, it definitely will make your journey a lot easier.

Before 2017, prior to me getting any success in dropshipping, I wasted a lot of time and money, learning from free YouTube videos and signing up for useless outdated courses in Udemy.

I’m not against Udemy or anything. I think its a great platform to expand ones knowledge. But, what I realised is, a lot of the information shared is rehashed and outdated. Some of the strategies worked well in 2019 but in 2020 (especially after the pandemic), many of the techniques taught can’t be used, not even in 2021. You need the latest stuff which WORKS! Period!

Why You Need Someone To Show You The Ropes

In 2017, I met Marge, a friend of mine from college days.

Amarjit ecommerce store DIY first months sale

I lost touch with her for many years but one day, accidentally, we met in a mall. Surprised and all, we found a cafe, sat down and chatted for a bit. I asked here how was she doing in terms of her career because I knew she was planning to do engineering. But then, she told me, she resigned from her 9-5 job to concentrate on her home-based eCommerce business.

“What?! Resigned? Ecommerce business?” I was confused. Then I told her, I’m  also trying to find a way to earn a passive income from eCommerce but I wasn’t getting any results. I told her about the various courses I had signed up for and nothing seemed to be working. She just smiled.

Then, I bravely asked if she was willing to show me the ropes of exactly how she is doing her dropshipping business and to my surprise, she said, “Okay! No problem!”. Honestly, that was probably the happiest day of my life. I finally met someone, and not just anyone, who was generating approximately $5,000 to $7,000 per month via dropshipping and she was willing to reveal exactly how she was doing it.

To cut the long story short, I spent the rest of 2017, learning and implementing Marge’s techniques and in Dec 2017, I made my first online income of $835 dollars, without any experience or products of my own (see screenshot on your left).

I had to unlearn a lot of gibberish that I had picked up from so many so called “gurus”. I guess for me, that was probably the hardest part, but I was determined never to give up.

Fast forward today, I’m grateful to have built a dropship business which generates close to MYR15,000 to MYR16,000 per month. I know its not a lot but its enough for me to pay my bills, save some aside for my children’s education and invest in gold, bitcoin and properties.

OK! Enough of me, lets talk about YOU!

Exactly What Will You Be Learning In The eCommerce Course?

I’ve created a 4-weeks eCommerce course more like a personal coaching program cum business setup.

Once enrolled, you will be spending 90-minutes per-week for 4-weeks with me personally (via Zoom) and we will get your first dropship business launched. Here’s what I’ll be sharing with you:-

  1. How to find HIGHLY PROFITABLE dropship products.
  2. Designing and create a custom ecommerce brand store.
  3. Integrating payment gateway to collect payments via debit/credit card.
  4. How to dropship products in Lazada/ Shopee. (includes account setup).
  5. Creating effective ads to drive traffic and sales into your dropship store.

Course Overview

Week-1 (90-mins)

    • Finding your niche.
    • Locating your target customers.
    • Choosing the winning products & categories.

Week-2 (90-mins)

    • Sourcing the right suppliers.
    • Choosing & registering your brand name.
    • Registering your domain and web hosting.

Week-3 (90-mins)

    • Designing your online store.
    • Adding your products in your store.
    • Integrating payment gateway.

Week-4 (90-mins)

    • Signing up with Lazada/ Shopee
    • Creating a lead generation system.
    • Setting up Google & Facebook Ads

Not only will you be learning about my dropshipping strategies that work, you will also be building your first dropship store with me guiding you every step of the way until you launch your store on the 4th week.

Why is this important? Because, if its only to learn dropshipping techniques and strategies, you can easily do it via free YouTube videos or take up online courses (which perhaps you’ve already done that). But by enrolling in my e commerce course both of us, you and me, will be building your dropship business together. Honestly, nothing beats hands-on practical training.

How Much Do You Need To Pay To Enroll?

The going rate for an e commerce course like mine is between MYR5,000 to MYR6,000 per pax. But, you’re not going to be paying this amount of course.

You only need to pay MYR2900 , MYR1400 , MYR998

MYR998 is for the whole 4-weeks personal coaching with me PLUS setting up of your dropship business*.

We will be going through everything as mentioned in the course overview above (Week-1 to Week-4) to complete your training. I will not only teach you but also help you launch your first ‘money-making’ dropship business from home. Sounds amazing? You don’t have to take my word for it. I’ve shared some of my past students testimonies throughout this page to give you an idea what others think about the ecommerce course you are about to join.

And, even if I charged MYR3,000 p/pax, it is still worthwhile, especially since you’re going to be earning a ‘real’ passive income from it.

DO YOU KNOW? Money is not the reason why I’m doing this program in the first place. The only reason I’m doing this training is because I want to create a closely knit eCommerce business group in Asia. A circle of like-minded entrepreneurs who are hungry for success and who are willing to do do that it takes to succeed in running a dropship business and willing to share their knowledge and experience with others.

Is There A Money-Back-Guarantee?

Money Back Guarantee Image

YES! If for whatever reason, after attending the eCommerce course on the first day, you’re not entirely happy or satisfied with what I’ve shared with you, I will personally refund your money back. No questions asked!


Ok! I’m Interested. So, What’s Next?

Great! Glad to have you on board.

Sorry! All available slots for February have been taken up. Here are the available dates for March 2021.

DATE: 6/3, 13/3, 20/3 & 27/3 (4-sessions beginning from 6/3)
DAY: Saturday
TIME: 3pm – 4.30pm (MST)

In order for you to get in, you will need to Enroll quickly. Because, I can only take 15 personal coaching sessions a month. So, go ahead and click the Enroll now button to RSVP your seat first. Payment can be sorted later. Don’t worry.


If you have any questions, you can Whatsapp us at +6011 10887461 or send us an email at support@ecomyoda.com

So, what are you waiting for? With the Money-Back-Guarantee, you have nothing to loose really. Go ahead and Enroll now before the course fees goes up. The clock is ticking.

Ecommerce Course Training Classroom 2019

* The course fees does not not include, web hosting, domain name, SSL and Facebook Ad. These are unavoidable business setup cost to be paid to 3rd party companies, not to us. Kindly keep aside another MYR900 for these.

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