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Read some of our client testimonies to help you with your decision making. We are not perfect but we strive to give our best. We handle every customers project, like our own.

Last updated: 4/1/2021

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Lucas B
Dropshipping Leather Shoes
Namibia, South Africa

Impressed with the quality of my e-store

I'm impressed with the quality of my e-store. Even I made a mistake in the template selection at first but you guys said no problem and changed it for me.

Exceptional customer support. Will let you know soon as I get my first sale.

Very excited. Thank you to the whole team at


Emily Chan
Dropshipping Kids Clothing

Probably the BEST dropshipping service on the planet! 

Heelo team Ecomyoda. I am so impressed with my kids clothing online store. It looks so professional.

I want to personally thank Mr Amar for his assistance in helping me decide my niche topic. This is probably the BEST dropshipping service on the planet. Just launched 3 days ago & I already got 5 sales.

Simply amazing! Thank you for showing me the way.


Dropshipping Gaming Accessories
Chile, South America

I receive my online shop in 12 days.

I like the design but still I need to get my first sale.

I know I will succeed. My true thanks to all the team at

I receive my online shop in 12 days. Early 3 days.


Dropshipping mens luxury watches
California, USA

I have no experience to run an online shop.

Great work. The product selections are superb.

The 2 suppliers you linked me from Shen Zhen are very helpful too. No complaints from my customers so far.

I have better experience to run an online shop now thanks to your support and guidance. I highly recommend ecomyoda to new dropship business owners.

They are very reliable and helpful.


Annisa @ Anis
Dropshipping Kitchen Products
Bandung, Indonesia

2 thumbs up for your support!

I have tried many different ecommerce companies before even Shopify, but I give 2-thumbs up for your support!

With Ecomyoda, I have NO complaints. In fact, Mr Raj, your manager was reachable even late at night to help me out with something.

My store generates about $200 per month because I just launched it in April 2020.

Due to the COVID19 issue, I have been getting many orders. I am getting ready for my second online business now.

Terima kasih. Thank you.


Dropshipping DIY Products for Garden

Thank you for helping me do my 1st online store.

I'm a university graduate, majoring in E-commerce and Marketing but I never knew how dropshipping really works until I decided to signup for your Ruby package.

I think dropship business is very interesting because I don't need to stock up products like other type of business and I can do the business from home.

Thank you for helping me do my 1st online store. I have recommended some friends to Ecomyoda.


Audrey's testimonial for eComYoda

Dropshipping Childrens Clothing & Toys

Sydney, Australia

Thank you to the whole EcomYoda team.

I purchased a custom webstore from another company but had a tough time trying to get it up and running on my own. A friend of mine found you guys in Google and recommended me to get in touch.

I'm truly grateful to the whole team at EcomYoda. I will definitely introduce my friends to you.

Thank you.


Ms Hannah
Dropshipping Designer Eyewear & Optical Accessories
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

You guys rock!

Sangat berpuas hati dengan webstore design. (Very satisfied with the webstore design.)

Every budding Malaysian entrepreneur should get their ecommerce store designed by Ecomyoda.

Special thanks to Ms Azima.

You guys rock!


Rod eComYoda CustomerRodriguez a.k.a Rod
Dropshipping Pet Products
London, UK

My online store is earning $400-$500 per month.

It was very difficult for me as I lost my job during the Covid-19 lockdown in April 2020 but I did not give up.

I started thinking about launching my own dropship business. I came across your company in when I searched in Google & signed up for the Ruby package.

Today, my online store is earning between $400-$500 per month. I know it is not much but I think it is not bad haa since I started with $0.


Baby Lee Dropshipping Tech Gadgets in Indonesia Testimonial eComYodaBaby Lee
Dropshipping Tech Gadgets
Jakarta, Indonesia

I am very happy with the quality of my online store.

I am giving this testimonial because I am very happy with the quality of my online store and the products I am selling to my customers.

Couldn't have done it on my own. I have 3 stores now.

All thanks to the team at


Careen Dropshipping Home Deco Products from Ipoh Malaysia Testimonial eComYodaMs Careen
Dropshipping Home Deco Products
Ipoh, Malaysia

I signed up for Diamond pack. No regrets. 

I was very scared to do dropshipping at first because so many news I heard is negative.

But after I met one of the team member in online event in Mei 2020, I decided to go for it. I signed up for Diamond pack. No regrets.

From day of launching my Facebook Ads, I already started getting sales. Now my store makes 20-25 sales a week.

Very-very happy with quality of estore and support from EcomYoda.


Cassandra Dropshipping Body Con Apparel from Singapore Testimonial eComYodaCassandra
Dropshipping Body Con Apparel

I'm making roughly around S$600-$700 a month.

All I want to say is thank you!

One of the most important thing I learnt during my dropship project managed by ecomyoda was how to find the right products. I think this is key to my store's success.
Of course the support is also really good. I'm making roughly around S$600-$700 a month from my body con apparel store.
I plan to start a new dropship project soon.


Jason Melissa Dropshipping Tech Gadgets from Singapore Testimonial eComYodaJason & Melissa
Dropshipping Tech Gadgets

Thank you Margaret for all your guidance and excellent Project management work. 

Ever since we launched our 1st store in Jan 2020 we have not turned back since. We are now able to push close to 150-200 products in a month earning close to $1500-$1800 nett profit from just ONE store. Our ad spend is nearing $700 p/m.

Luckily we were one of the first to start. Now there are so many players in the market but we are not afraid of competition.

Our Lazada store is also earning well and as you suggested, we managed to get many customers from Lazada to subscribe to our estore directly.


Sheikha Dropshipping Children Educational Toys from Qatar Testimonial eComYodaSheikha
Dropshipping Children Edu Toys

I signed up for Amethyst package because it was the cheapest.

I love children and so I started this project dropshipping with

I attended the online preview and learnt little bit about dropshipping. But still I couldn't do it on my own.

So I signed up for Amethyst package because it was the cheapest. My store was launched in 20-days after I paid. The process and journey was easy. I was having much trouble with language but your company managed to get translator.

Very professional service.

Thank you.

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