Webstore Packages Terms

Soon as you choose your package and place an order, one of our Project Managers will get in touch with you within 24-48 hours. For example, if you purchase a package on Saturday, your assigned Project Manager will contact you on Monday or Tuesday.

Note: eComYoda working hours are from Monday to Saturday 9am-6pm (SGT +8)


Your Project Manager (PM) will be your eCommerce business guide and explain to you everything in detail until your webstore work has been completed. We will then make your webstore go live on the Internet. By this time,  your PM will hand over all logins and passwords to you. The mode of contact with your PM will be via email, Whatsapp and Trello. Our active communication is to gather as much information, provide feedback and inform  you on the progress of your project.

We have created a simple to follow guide on how to create a Trello account (with screenshots) so you can follow through. <KB> We strongly encourage you to login to your Trello account regularly to track on the progress of your webstore project.

Package Features

  • Full eCommerce store development
  • Mobile friendly design
  • .com domain name *
  • Niche topic research
  • SEO webstore optimization)
  • AD plugin license
  • 50 products insertion
  • Unlimited total products
  • Order tracking
  • Traffic & visitor stats
  • Payment gateway
  • Facebook page creation
  • Store completion: 15-18 days
  • Full eCommerce store development
  • Mobile friendly design
  • .com domain name *
  • eCommerce hosting **
  • SSL (https://) **
  • Niche topic research
  • SEO webstore optimization
  • AD plugin license
  • 100 products insertion
  • Unlimited total products
  • Order tracking
  • Traffic & visitor stats
  • Payment gateway
  • FB, Twitter, Instagram pages
  • Store completion: 20-23 days
  • Newsletter integration
  • Full eCommerce store development
  • Mobile friendly design
  • .com domain name *
  • eCommerce hosting **
  • SSL (https://) **
  • Niche topic research
  • SEO webstore optimization
  • AD plugin license
  • 50 products insertion
  • Unlimited total products
  • Order tracking
  • Traffic & visitor stats
  • Payment gateway
  • FB, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube pages
  • Store completion: 25-28 days
  • Newsletter integration
  • Promo video
  • Social promotion

* .com domain name is free for first year. You will need to renew your domain name the following year.
** eCommerce hosting and SSL are not included in the Amethyst package. You can sign up for our in-house eCommerce hosting plan or with any other 3rd party hosting provider.

Package Functions & Tools

Domain Name

With the purchase of any of our custom webstore packages, you will receive a Free .com domain. We will purchase your domain name on your behalf after your Project Manager has brainstormed with you on your choice niche for your webstore. We will come up with several domain name samples for you. You just need to choose one that you prefer. Once the work on your webstore has been completed, we will transfer your domain name to your NameCheap account. Kindly register for a free Namecheap account if you do not have one yet.

Each domain name lasts for 1-year (12months). One month before your domain expires, you will receive a notification to renew. The renewal costs is usually around USD$12 - $15 p/year which you will need to pay directly to Namecheap.com.

We recommend for you to set your domain renewals to Auto, so that in case you forget or you're busy, you will not loose any files and your webstore will still be active.

Note: During your webstore development stage, once we have confirmed and purchased your domain name, no changes to the domain name will be allowed. 

eCommerce Hosting


When you purchase Ruby or Diamond package, you will get 1-year (12-months) free eCommerce hosting. eCommerce hosting and SSL are not included in the Amethyst package. You can sign up for our in-house eCommerce hosting plan or with any other 3rd party hosting provider.

eCommerce hosting is not the same as the regular shared hosting you see all over the Internet. We have partnered with A2Hosting to tailor a special hosting plan catering to our clients webstores. Alternatively, you may choose to host your webstore at another 3rd party hosting company.  If your webstore is already developed and launched, and if you decide to change to a different webhost later, you will need to move all your webstore files, emails, images, etc on your own. eComYoda does not provide services to move a webstore to another 3rd party hosting provider.

In the event of moving your webstore to another webhost, please be reminded that your webstore and emails may face downtime and possible errors, missing files, dysfunctional emails, broken SSL or payment gateway errors. Kindly check with your web hosting provider if they can do a 0% downtime transfer. They will usually accomodate with a small fee. Kindly also ensure the 3rd party hosting provider meets with our minimum webstore hosting requirements. See our knowledgebase for more info. <KB>

Niche Research

In order to really maximize your webstore's potential for long term profits, it is advisable to deal with niche products which are evergreen and have consistent demand throughout the year. A niche is a more streamlined topic and not a broad topic. For example, 'kitchen' is a broad topic but 'kitchen knives & cutting boards' is a niche topic.

If you haven't selected your niche topic for your webstore yet, your Project Manager will assist you to pick a high-in-demand and profitable one. Based on our years of experience in creating winning eCommerce webstores, and with our unique niche research strategies, we can pinpoint winning niche topics and products for you easily. You will be provided with a list of these topics where you'll need to select 1 (one) niche that you want your webstore to be about.

If you have your own ideas for a niche, kindly inform your Project Manager and he will help you assess the niches to see if it has consistent demand and long-term profitability.

Alternatively, you visit our blog and discover what are the most profitable niches in 2020.

Webstore Theme & Design

In order to save development time and to launch your webstore quickly, we have created a <library of the best webstore themes> for you to choose from.

All our themes are fully responsive and the designs are conversion-optimized. Meaning, we have put in all the necessary functionalities and design with the right CTAs (click to actions) that will convert your store visitors into paying customers.

All our themes are powered by WordPress and have been carefully designed by our eCommerce development team. Keeping in mind the latest trends and style as well as being SEO-optimized, all our themes work well on PCs, laptops, tablets and are 100% mobile friendly too.

Each customers theme includes:-

- 1 logo design (with one revision)
- 1 header images design (with one revision)
- 1 favicon (with one revision)
- Other graphic elements (with one revision)

If you need more revisions, kindly check with your Project Manager. (additional revision costs may appy)

Note: Once you have selected your theme, you can request for some customization. We will create a high resolution logo for your store, spice up any color combinations, insert paid stock photos for the headers etc. Please note: Once we have started development of your webstore, theme change will not be possible.

AD Plugin

All our webstores are powered by a proprietory plugin which is the heartbeat of your webstore. With this plugin, you are able to import products to your store directly from AliExpress. It even automatically updates the suppliers’ info on the price, stock availability, etc. You do not need to pay any monthly or annual fees for this plugin. Each plugin license can only be activated in one webstore. Additional webstores will require new plugin licenses.

Payment Gateways

In order to collect payments on your webstore, you will need to apply for a payment gateway account. We highly recommend PayPal (business account) AND either Stripe or 2Checkout. There are other payment gateways we support too but the ones mentioned are most favorable among store owners. This is probably due to the sheer number of countries and currencies they support, reliability and trust they have garnered over the years and the flexibility of opening an account with them.

However, we do not guarantee your application for a payment gateway account with any of these companies will be approved.

Kindly visit these links below to apply for your payment gateway ONLY when your webstore is completed and is live on the Internet. Before applying, kindly check if your country is supported.

  • Sign up with PayPal
  • Sign up with Stripe
  • Sign up with 2Checkout

If your country is not supported, then we will only activate PayPal as your payment gateway. Your webstore customers can still opt to pay via credit/debit card or choose to via their PayPal account.

Note: If you have any other payment gateway you would like to use in your webstore, kindly check with your Project Manager if the said payment gateway is supported by us.

Google Account

You are required to create a new Google account for your webstore. Our development team will need the login access to your Google Account to embed analytics and also activate other Google related services (YouTube, etc). Soon as these tasks are complete, your Project Manager will hand back the logins to you. We recommend for you to change the passwords afterwards.

Google Analytics Installation

Its important that you track who is visiting your webstore and how many visits you get in a month. Our development team will install Google Analytics into your webstore.

Business Email

We will create a business email for you. [Example: support@yourwebstore.com] Use this email to communicate with your customers and suppliers. You may also want to provide a phone number and address (optional). These elements will be displayed in the footer section of your webstore. It will make your store appear to be more credible and trustworthy.

SEO (Webstore Optimization)

We will optimize your webstore with essential SEO metrics based on the keywords we find for your niche. This will include using the right keywords in your product pages, in the product titles, descriptions, metas etc. The team will also submit your webstore to the top search engines for indexing. Kindly note, the results from SEO are not immediate. It will take at least a few months to see any results from SEO. That is why we highly encourage store owners to keep adding fresh content and products every now and then. Content can be either videos, blogs, articles etc. You may find some of these services in our Add-Ons section.

Mailing Service

You will be required to register for an account with a mailing service. This is essential as you and your customers will receive notifications when your customer...

- places an order in your webstore
- pays for the order
- has any issues with the order, etc

Your Project manager will suggest the best mailing service for you to subscribe to.

Currency Settings

Your webstore supports multiple currencies. Depending on which continent you are targeting, our team will help you add any additional currency to your store.


We will manually select the right products based on your niche, edit and upload it into your webstore. The number of products to be added is based upon the package you purchased:-

  • Amethyst - 50 products
  • Ruby - 100 products
  • Diamond - 200 products

We have compiled a list of trustworthy and reliable suppliers. We will add products in your webstore from trusted suppliers only.

Product Pricing & Mark Up

With the purchase of any of our custom store packages, we will not only add the products for you, but also assist you in setting up pricing for each product. This can be tricky if you're new to dropshipping, but we have a proven-formula. Usually we would suggest to markup the pricing of your products in your store between 35% to 70%. We will use our own formula for marking up, but if you would like to mark up based on your own formula, kindly inform your Project Manager and he will assist you.

Product Selection Criteria

We have a strict product selection criteria. As you may already know, there are thousands of suppliers in any product category in AliExpress but not all suppliers are reliable or genuine. Here's a guideline of how we choose winning suppliers:-

We check...

- What are the number of orders in AliExpress?
- What is the product rating?
- How about seller's rating?
- Is there Free shipping (ePacket)?

When editing products’ descriptions, we will edit titles to make them short and appealing and to include your main keywords into them. We will also add informative product descriptions.

Note: We will not create new descriptions and we won’t write sales copies. To create these descriptions, we only use the information about the items’ specifics originally provided by AliExpress suppliers. We will edit all the featured/gallery/description/variation images, remove the original logos and brand names from them and use only high quality pictures.

Customer Reviews

We will import real product reviews from AliExpress. You can always remove or add new reviews by yourself after your webstore is completed.

Note: All our review imports are genuine and from real customers who have left reviews in AliExpress.

Newsletter Integration

If you order Ruby or Diamond package, we will create a newsletter function in your webstore where you can start collecting emails of your webstore visitors. Once a month, you can send your fans a newsletter or create promotional campaigns to encourage them to engage with your webstore in many ways eg. to purchase your products on discount, Black Friday sale, Valentines Day etc.

Note: We will not create the actual Mailchimp campaigns for you. This is fairly easy and can be done yourself OR you can purchase it from our Add-On services.

Promo Video

When you order Diamond package, we will create a promo video for you. This video will be up to 90 seconds long and comes with music and live pictures. Once the video is completed, we will add it to your webstore home page and YouTube channel. Your project manager will liaise closely with you to get your idea for the video. If you do not have any ideas, you can leave it to our team of experts to do it for you.

Note: Once the video is completed, there will NO revisions allowed.

Social Media Pages

We will create and add design elements to your store pages on the most popular social media networks to make them look creative and engaging. We will also integrate social media widgets into your webstore.

Note: You will need to register your social media accounts by yourself and provide the login access to your Project Manager. We are not allowed to create the accounts on your behalf due to security reasons and social networks’ policy.

Social Promotion

When you order Diamond Package, we will provide you with a social media promo tool. With this tool you can auto-posts your products and your webstore content on your social media pages.


We strive to give our best for each and every order. However, due to the nature and complexity of the work that goes into developing your custom webstore, we cannot offer any refunds for any of our packages or add-on services.


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